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Avid Xpress Pro with Avid Mojo

You knew it was just going to be a matter of time before Avid took the core feature set of Xpress DV and moved it upstream. With the introduction of Xpress Pro they have done just that. Not only have they added several new features that more professional Avid editors have been craving, but they've also added cool new tools that prosumer and home users will love. The new multi-camera support is sure to be a big hit with event videographers, and the automatic expert color correction insures your video will always look great – even if you can't take the time to color correct it yourself.

Real-Time performance.
Xpress Pro has all the real-time capabilities of Xpress DV and then some. You can easily create timelines with 4 or 5 layers in real-time with multiple filters applied. Xpress Pro adds Open GL support for 3D transitions so that you can add these in real-time as well.

The BIG improvement in real-time performance comes when you add the Avid Mojo NLE accelerator to Xpress Pro. Avid Mojo gives you analog and DV output direct from the timeline! This is not preview quality – it is full resolution output suitable for recording to tape. Even cooler, Avid Mojo is an external device – it attaches to your computer via FireWire. That means you get real-time output from a workstation and/or laptop. PC or Mac. Now that's cool!

New features I love about Xpress Pro

  1. Avid Xpress DV and Xpress Pro are simply the best pure editing interfaces around. I'm talking good old fashioned editing. You know logging clips, trimming and building your timeline. We have been calling this the “Avid” way of editing and once you learn it – you'll understand why. But hey, the proof is in the pudding here – every new NLE that ships is starting to imitate the Avid style of editing. If you're going to be editing almost every day, week in and week out then you want to edit on the real thing, not an imitation. You want to be an Avid editor, you need Avid Xpress Pro.
  2. Fully customizable interface. When I first got to play with Xpress DV back at version 2.0 I immediately loved it - it is such an easy way to become a more productive editor. You can add icon shortcuts or customized keyboard shortcuts for just about every feature in Xpress DV and Xpress Pro. I don't know if Avid invented keyboard shortcuts for editing, but they definitely perfected it. Once you become experienced with the Avid way of editing and the keyboard shortcuts, your editing will fly!
  3. 100% Cross Platform. Xpress Pro comes with both Mac and PC software in the box. This makes Avid the only cross platform editing interface available. We all have our platform preferences. Avid is the only solution that doesn't force you to choose one over the other. And, you can move your projects seamlessly across platforms. So you can start the project on your XP workstation in the office, then take it on the road with you and edit away on your G4 powerbook!
  4. Avid Image Stabilizer, Filmmakers Toolkit and Illusion FX. This suite of added utilities was previously known as the PowerPack bundle. Now, they are included as part of Xpress Pro. The Image Stabilizer is the best I've seen so far. It lets you remove camera shake from your footage. If you have any interest in independent filmmaking or long format documentary videos, the Filmmakers Toolkit has all the tools you need to get the job done right. The Illusion FX are 29 cool filters that you can add to your productions.
  5. Avid total conform. Total conform means that you can share your projects with any other Avid editing solutions including Composer and Symphony. Unlike other NLEs which provide an EDL, Avid total conform transfers everything over; your EDL, your filters, transitions, title and effects. Everything moves seamlessly. Xpress Pro supports Avid's 15:1 off-line editing standard so it can be used as an offline option for any Avid editing suite.
Xpress Pro Wish List
  1. Make no mistake about it – I love the real-time power and performance of Xpress Pro & Mojo, I just want to see it do even more! I think Avid has launched the first volley in a revolutionary new product class –external NLE accelerators. My hope is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. How cool would it be if the future versions of Mojo could accelerate your rendering as well – or even cooler – give you real-time MPEG2 output! My sources inside Avid were pretty tight lipped about this, but boy did they have big smiles on their faces when I asked about it!
  2. Better DVD integration. I think it's really great that Xpress Pro includes ReelDVD authoring software and Sorenson Squeeze for MPEG2 conversion. ReelDVD is my favorite authoring solution and it's got professional features and a proven track record as a stellar authoring tool. What I don't understand is why we can't even get simple chapter point export from the timeline. Avid gets high marks for including the best DVD software in the bundle, but I wish they had better overall DVD integration.

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